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--Do you come here much? I swear I've seen your face before--

Title: Gambling with Germans
Author/Artist: crimsondream13 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/Germany, mentions of Prussia
Rating: M
Warnings: Sex between two males
Summary: Bets, a one night stand, and Germans. What do these three have to do with Francis Bonnefoy?

Moans and breathy gasps filled the dimly lit room, only a slither of moonlight from outside bearing witness to the sensual acts occurring between the two men who lay on the bed. The more muscular man of the two was bended over; calloused hands gripping at the headboard as he moaned in wanton at the feeling of something filling him- ah, yes, it felt so damn good-, blue eyes dimmed with lust as he thrust his hips back into the other blonde’s. A groan escaped his partner’s lips at that, blue eyes glinting with dark desire as he thrust forward one last time with hands gripping at the other’s hips.
“Oh Ludwig,” the shorter of the two men purred, “I didn’t think you’d be this good in bed.
“Ngh.” Ludwig groaned at that, curling up into a ball as he squeezed his eyes shut. The hangover was already getting to him and he felt sick, which forced him to keep his mouth shut. There was also the pain coming from his rear that could very well become worse when morning came, which made everything worse for him.
“Ludwig?” Francis frowned with a quirked brow, using his other hand to take a wet cloth and gently clean the taller man with it. “Do you need a painkiller?”
The blonde shook his head at that, murmuring a soft “nein” as he let himself be cleaned. He grunted in approval as hands smoothly made their way to his back, pressing at the painful points and soothing them with ease. It was after a while of calming massages that the German finally fell asleep, blond hair in disarray as he clutched a pillow to his chest.
“Not to say that you weren’t enough payment but,” the Frenchman murmured softly as he ran a hand through the sleeping man’s hair, “your brother still owes me for that idiotic bet. I warned him that I could get anyone I wanted if I really tried.” He let out a breath. “A pity you won’t be remembering this in the morning, though.”
If only Francis knew that Ludwig was only pretending to be inebriated that night.
Ludwig woke up with a small grunt, wincing at the pain from both his rear and his headache. He noticed after a few minutes of dazedness that he was alone in the room, dressed up, and there were no evidences whatsoever of the activities from the past night.
He muttered to himself as he stood up –albeit a bit wobbly-, combed his hair, and left the hotel that contained all the misdeeds that happened. It wasn’t like he didn’t find last night pleasurable; on the contrary, it was quite...satisfying. It was a shame that Francis thought he didn’t remember what occurred between them, though.
Francis, on the other hand, was feeling a tad bit regretful at having left the man in the room without so much as a goodbye. But if he hadn’t done so, Ludwig might have remembered the acts of the past night and, as a logical deduction, would have promptly stayed away from him at all costs as a sign of his disgust and hatred. His heart could only handle so much hurt, after all.
He sighed in hopelessness at that, not caring at all that he won some money from Gilbert and a free café au lait –though he could have gotten some on his own for free- as he walked away from the pub where he met with Gilbert Weillschmidt.

The frère of his one night lover.

Unexpectedly, both men bumped into each other again.
“Ah, Ludwig! Quite a surprise to see you here.” Francis laughed with a hint of nervousness, hoping in his mind that the German remembered nothing of the previous night, whilst his heart hoped for him to recall t
The blond nodded in return, a brief “ja” serving as a response before he asked, “Is my brother in the pub?” He inclined his head towards the pub right behind Francis, which earned a hesitant nod from the Frenchman.
It was with a sigh that Francis noted the German man’s focus on finding his brother that he spoke in a weak tone, “Au revoir then, Ludwig.”
Ludwig paused at that, staring intently at the longer-haired blonde before nodding, speaking in a stern –as usual- voice, “Auf Wiedersehen, Francis.”
The hidden meaning of their farewells was apparent (as much of a paradox that was):
That incident will never be spoken of again.
Translator’s Notes:
Nein – no in German
Frère – brother in French
Ja – yes in German       
Au revoir – goodbye in French
Auf Wiedersehen – goodbye in German
A/N: it bad that I ttly listened to songs by Britney Spears while writing this? B( lmao, other than that...I finally got to write this long-awaited France/Germany fic! *cheers* I can finally get it off of my mind now! 

Tags: fanfic, hetalia
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